Let Char-Val Help You With Your Next Fundraiser

We can help you succeed with your SALES!

Set your goal.  Let everyone know the purpose of your sale and how they can help.  Review our Christmas and Easter brochures, as well as our website to learn more about our products.
Arrange for us to send sales materials for all of your participants and set your delivery date and time.
Let everyone sell for 2 to 3 weeks, collect each seller’s Master Sheet and send them to us. The Color Brochure stays with the sales person to distribute their orders.
Every Salesperson’s order is packaged individually.

Everyone says our fundraisers are the easiest they have ever done. Reach your goals and be proud of your efforts. And remember, all our products are 100% Guaranteed. For more information about using Char-Val Candies for your next fundraiser, please call us at 814.275.1602.

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